Children’s Dentistry
in Gaithersburg, Maryland

If you have young children and are looking for pediatric dentistry in Gaithersburg, Maryland, you should call us at Woo Wang Dental immediately. Our family-friendly dental team are here for your whole family.

Children’s Dentistry in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Having your children’s teeth regularly looked at by a qualified dentist is very important for their health. By taking them to visit the dentist when they are young, you will be setting them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth. For more information on our range of children’s dentistry services and to book an appointment for your child, or yourself, get in touch with Woo Wang Dental today.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is all of the dental services provided to children. Though many of the procedures are the same as for adults, there are a few that are more aimed at young children. Providing quality dental care to children is also slightly different to adults, as dentists need to have an excellent understanding of a child’s mouth as well as how to treat children.

At Woo Wang Dental, our pediatric services include fillings and crowns, sealants and fluoride applications. We are also here to provide emergency dentistry if your child requires it. If you want to know more about our pediatric dentistry services and why your child might require them, please get in touch with us at any time.

When Should My Child Start Visiting the Dentist?

You should start bringing your child to the dentist as soon as possible. The sooner they start to visit us, the more relaxed they will be around the dentist’s office and the healthier their mouth will be. It is never too early or too late to start bringing your child to see us.

Remember that it is just as important that your child visits us as regularly as you do, which should be twice a year. This means we will be able to catch any decay, damage, or dental abnormalities before they can become too serious. Call us today to book your child in for their appointment with us at Woo Wang Dental.

My Child Is Worried About Visiting the Dentist, How Can I Help Them to Feel Relaxed?

It is not uncommon for children to experience worry and anxiety about coming to see the dentist. It can be a scary environment for a young child that is not used to it or has only had bad experiences.

To help your child to feel relaxed, talk to them about the importance of coming to see us and explain to them what will happen when they come. Talk about your own visits to the dentist in a positive manner as children pick up on their parents' attitudes very easily.

For more advice, feel free to call and talk to our knowledgeable staff.

How Much Does Pediatric Dentistry Cost?

At Woo Wang Dental, we are proud of the comfortable and family-friendly environment that we provide for all of our patients. We strive to make quality dental care affordable and accessible to everybody. For full information on the costs of our pediatric services, please get in touch with us to talk.

We also have financing options available to help families afford dental care. Feel free to ask us for more information about financing if you think you may require it.

To schedule your children for pediatric dentistry in Gaithersburg, get in touch with us at Woo Wang Dental. Ask us about our family-friendly scheduling options, which include Saturday appointments! Call us today at (240) 683-3833.

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Nancy G.
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Nancy G.

This is the best dental practice ever! The entire staff is friendly, caring, knowledgeable and professional. Just went back for my semi-annual cleaning and not only did they do an excellent job but Dr. Wang took the time to do a quick exam. No other practice that I’ve been to have ever done that without being asked.
Bill B.
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Bill B.

First time visit for tooth extraction. Top notch workmanship and professionalism. Thorough explanations of available services without pressuring future services onto the patient. Dr Woo is now my go-to guy for future dental needs.
Kheira B.
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Kheira B.

Best dental health office in area! My whole family goes here and we’re extremely happy with the clean office and friendly staff. Dr. Wang is great, and also very thorough. They have treatment plans and will work with you to get the best care possible. Can’t wait to come here for years to come!!
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